European Roulette

European roulette is one of the popular and exciting games among all the casino games. It's the mostly played games in internet. However, it contains a table and a Roulette wheel which consist numerous number of pocket (0 to 36). In European roulette the players have to measure or predict the place in roulette wheel where the ball may stop. When all the players have set their bets then a ball in fact little in size released on the wheel which is spinning. At last the ball stops over the spinning wheel which the ball indicates a number pocket and whose predictions are correct they'll win the game.

Some basic rules:

  1. At first the players have to place their bets.
  2. Let the ball spin on the wheel.
  3. The spinning ball will stop and may indicate a pocket of the wheel in European roulette.
  4. The players whose guesses and calculations are accurate win the price.

Segment of bet:

Inside bets:

Inside bet means you can place a bet over the number of wheel (0 to 36). However, inside bet can divides into some segments. Such as:

  1. Straight up bet: Straight up bet means a bet on a particular number in roulette wheel.
  2. Split bet: split bet means a bit on two numbers which are stays next to other.
  3. Street bet: street bet means a bet which indicates three numbers in a row.

There also a few numbers of bets are including in this category named as Five-Number Line bet, six number line bet and Square bet.

Outside Bets:

Outside bet means a bet from the outside can be placed by any players. Its may be divided into some segments. Such as:

  1. The column bet: column bet means a compact bet which cover up at least one column between three vertical columns on the roulette wheel.
  2. The dozen bet: dozen bet means a bet which cover twelve's numbers on the wheel.
  3. The Even-Money bet: The Even-Money bet means a bet over eighteen numbers.