Other Game of Fortune

Roulette casino games with a little house edge are perfect. Are you wanted to be a smart casino player? Ok you can choose a table game where you will get a small house edge and better odds than others. But one of the most awful table games is "Big Six Wheel". It is also known as "Wheel of fortune". Although it is considered as a table game but there are no chairs to play by sitting down. What's the reason of it? The answer is that there are very few players who want to play this table game for long time.

However, Big Six Wheel or Wheel of fortune is also called an old carnival game. You will nothing but better chance to win in this casino because you will do it by carnival halfway.

Construction of the Wheel:

The wheel of this casino is about six feet in width. It has exact 54 slots when each slot contains a unique symbol. The winner is selected by these symbols. Most wheels contain 7 symbols and these are $20, $10, $5, $2, $1, A "CASINO LOGO" and A"JOKER". There remain a table for bet on the symbol and this is also on the wheel.

Rules of Play:

First you have to put your chips on the symbol. You can place according to your choice. Once all bets are placed and the trader spins the wheel. When the wheel stops the payment is made according to following chart.



Spots On Wheel

House Edge %

Casino logo

40 to 1




40 to 1




20 to 1




10 to 1




5 to 1




2 to 1




1 to 1



Observation of Payment and Decision Making:

At first sight it seems that casino logo and joker has pay off 40 to 1 so it is the best pay off for a dollar bet. Although it's not true because there is one casino logo and one joker in the wheel, so the odds of hitting it are not fine. The casino will pay you only 40 to 1 where the odds of hitting are 53 to 1.The house edge is determined depending on the odds of hitting and amount of the symbol shows on the wheel and it varies from 11 to 24.

On the other hand in some casinos have the casino logo and the joker marks pay 45 to 1. For this reason the house edge becomes lower to 14.81. So now it is clear that why wheel is not a good bet and also it should be avoided.