PlayRouletteCasino Terms and Privacy Policy

The General Purpose

This terms and privacy policy describes the conditions that you agree to follow as you access PlayRouletteCasino. It also describes how we treat the personal information that we might have obtained from various business partners about you.

Your Personal Information

"Personal information" refers to the information that identifies you as a person. Personal information would include your name, telephone number, address and various other information connected to your personal identity.

What Doesn't Apply

This terms and privacy policy doesn't apply to any information gathered about you from anybody but SmartMoney. It merely applies to PlayRouletteCasino's pages. Any information that you offer up whenever you visit other websites except PlayRouletteCasino and whenever you buy services or products or join contests advertised on or connected to PlayRouletteCasino by companies excluding PlayRouletteCasino would be subject to third party privacy policies that own or run those websites. Unless stated otherwise, this policy doesn't apply to any information that you might give us offline.

Use of Children

PlayRouletteCasino is not made for children to use, most of all children under 13 years old. Nobody less than 13 years old can provide us with personal information nor make use of our areas of public discussion, chats and forums. To sign up for newsletters and join other activities that require personal information, children aged 13 to 17 need to get a parent or legal guardian's permission prior to subscribing or registering to a service or product, or joining any others offers on PlayRouletteCasino.

If a child discloses personal information on areas of public discussion, they might receive third party unsolicited messages. Accordingly, parents should let them know that they should not do this. Tools are also available in commercial areas that can help you restrict your child's exposure to online material. Are you worried about children's activities and privacy here? Then e-mail support@PlayRouletteCasino